Summer collocation, simple commuting and practical
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It is true that there are no bad clothes, only people who don't match them. Seemingly simple basic tacky, over the course of many fashion bloggers, also can wear out their own characteristics and individual character, so, rather than rely on constantly buy buy buy to build their own sense of style it is better to learn some more skills collocation, through one outfit, to decorate their own personality and charm, such outfit, that is what we really need to pursue.

In summer, fashion is hot, but the basics are also practical. If you wear your own personality, so today, I would like to share with you a fashion blogger, worth collecting 27 sets of summer collocations, easy to commute and practical, but also show your body!

T shirt is the most simple summer is also the most commonly used basic, pure color on simple but elegant, but for gray, black this kind of relatively show the color of texture, with slim cigarette pants, is a group of simple workplace suit. A monogrammed or cartoon-printed T-shirt is more casual and can be worn with jeans or shorts. Commuting is practical.

White shirt or too rigid, but there is no denying that the shirt as a classic workplace general style, with a lot of single products are very practical, and for women in the workplace, will choose a little with a sense of design, such as adding flounces, adding lace, let the clothes more feminine, more feminine collocation. Or the cuff through the version of the design, made into bubble sleeves, but also cover the flesh has a sense of design.

Shirt collocation is also very simple, the basic shirt, you can match cigarette pants, straight pants such as single products suitable for the workplace, you can also choose shorts. The fabric of the suit is very delicate and very classy. The shirt and pants are selected with the same color system and different tones, creating a sense of hierarchy, fresh and sweet, and showing elegant feminine taste.

Skirts are a common item in summer, especially dresses. Types have a lot of dresses, such as suit, skirt, shirt, skirt, Hepburn group, lantern skirts and so on, the expression of different dress, suit dress formal feeling, prominent capable forthright and sincere, shirt, skirt is suitable for young women in the workplace, formal but not rigid, simple elegance, lantern skirt is generally more relaxed, suitable for daily leisure, a sheet is tasted, solve the problem of the collocation of the day.

Although basic money is practical, but want to wear, colorific combination is very important, fight color cannot too jump, the combination with color department is the simplest, for instance earth color department, morendi color department, etc., it is very common, but we must remember a bit, the color of tie-in cannot exceed 3 kinds. Looking at the green alone, it will feel very bright and abrupt. The combination of white T-shirt and green shorts makes the green pattern echo with the lower body, and the color is integrated in a gradual way, reducing the bright feeling brought by pure green.

Printed skirt is to be able to make qualitative sheet of little female affection most is tasted, small print, map comes out, it is to wear the state of mind that takes a person, design and color is more shallow more pure and fresh and sweet, and flower should not be too big, deserve to go up white shirt, with simple but elegant will adorn print downy, tie-in rises very coordinated. The design of shirt also has individual character very much, edge of small lotus leaf reveals the charm of little woman, whole collocation looks pure and fresh reduce age.

Daily leisure, or the T-shirt is the most relaxed, loose version, with cartoon printing design, is the trend of personality, very street style taste, colposition, can choose classic jeans, or shorts, are the trend of the street classic, the daily summer, will be so comfortable and comfortable, not stiff, not restrained.

Go out to travel, always want to dress up the United States, at this time, the dress is very important, self-cultivation style, or slightly with a sense of design, will be very attractive, very individual character, but also very fashionable. A white T-shirt paired with a black half skirt with an irregular train, revealing part of the thigh on one side, is a little sexy, but not tacky. One word shoulder dress, exposing the white neck and delicate, youth and quiet, the sun has vitality.

In summer, hot weather, too many clothes decoration is cumbersome, so shorts is also a slim commuting style, classic jeans are very daily, with a T-shirt random street, brown with a little taste of retro wind, with the letter of the T shirt, a little British wind feeling.Read more at: |

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