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 Unfortunately, many people shopping for a new roof fail to consider concrete or clay tile because they mistakenly believe that tile roofs weigh too much. As a building professional, you may hear customers say, "I don’t know if my roof can handle something that heavy," or "My contractor told me my home can’t handle that weight." Roofers NYC is doing very well in Region.However, equipped with a little knowledge about roof tile, you can quickly and easily dispel this common misconception.

First of all, roof tile has been used successfully throughout history, from Neolithic China to present day. Travel anywhere in Europe, the Middle East, South America—pick virtually any destination—and you’ll find beautiful tile roofs, often on very simple structures. Furthermore, tile roofs have withstood some of the most hazardous weather conditions: fire, windstorms, earthquakes, hail, sub-zero temperatures, hurricanes, and scorching heat. And, concrete and clay tile manufacturers test their materials regularly to make sure they meet or exceed national testing standards.

Besides durability, looking great is another reason tile is so popular around the world. Today, modern innovations allow tile manufacturers to create a vast array of tile styles and colors, which are compatible with almost any architectural style – from contemporary to Old World, Mediterranean to Asian. Roof tiles can even simulate the look of aged wood shake shingles.

To maintain its long-lasting beauty, the weight of the tile is important because it provides decade-long protection without developing problems like other roofing materials. And, most homes built today are strong enough to support the weight of a tile roof. Even many older homes can handle the weight of standard tile, provided all previous roofing materials are removed first. Roofers NYC has very competent team in this field. If any additional reinforcement is required, it is usually minimal and its cost minor. Moreover, many roof tile manufacturers now offer lightweight tile, which is particularly suitable for reroofing projects.

What many homeowners don’t know is that most homes can actually support the weight of several layers of roofing material at one time. In fact, homes often have two or three layers of asphalt shingles on the roof because, rather than removing previous material when reroofing, roofers frequently just add another layer to the existing roof. And, a few layers of shingles can far exceed the weight of the heaviest tile roof.

Even with factory-blended pallets, roofers must constantly evaluate the distribution of tile on a roof. The resulting roof pattern depends not only on how tile is stacked on a roof but also on the order in which tiles are taken off the pallets and installed on the roof. Improper layout can cause "hot spots," which occur when several tiles of the same hue are installed close together on the roof deck. Roofers NYC never go with bad impression, they definitely Left the positive response. undetected, these hot spots can create patches of color that negate the blended effect and result in additional labor to correct the problem by moving the tile. For this reason, in all their installation guides, the tile industry has always recommended that roofers check to insure that hot spots are not being created during installation.

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