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There are a lot of women to age too heavy, think that their age will lead to a decline in charm year by year, in fact, women always love beauty can gradually find a new themselves in the passage of time. Their inner firmness, composed charm, easy style, all of them are convincing.

Today's protagonist is some Japanese models who are over 50 years old. We can see that their faces are not as plump as young girls, and even the wrinkles around their eyes are obvious, but they can still prove to the world that fashion can span age through simple and advanced clothes. Middle-aged and elderly groups can learn from their dress patterns to meet a better version of themselves.

Don't always wear black

Middle-aged women are always labeled as stereotypical because they often wear black clothes. In fact, black items not only bring many advantages such as slimming, but also inevitably create a full old feeling.

These Japanese models don't overdo it with black clothes, but they do it with a decent look. Take inspiration from their looks and keep your fashion sense going in your daily life.

Whether it is a jean jacket or a striped T-shirt, these are the clothes that bring aging elements, can be used more, and in the combination of single goods, do not have to consider too much. They fit very well and are not too stressful to wear.

There are even some people who are a little afraid of pink clothes, because they choose the type of over-saturation, once the color becomes soft, the saturation is much lower, you can find that pink items are easy to wear texture, and it brings the same age-reducing effect as a jean jacket.

The Japanese model, for example, paired a floral scarf with a pink dress to create a minimalist look. Although silk scarf occupies less area, but the local modification effect is particularly obvious.

In middle age, do you gradually close yourself off, unable to try new things with a fairly positive attitude? In fact, middle-aged and elderly people can also continue to try and error on the road of fashion, they should use too basic clothing.

After all, it is not difficult to wear such clothes, and it is also very simple to match. It cannot improve your color matching level or matching strength, and it is difficult to see the enhancement of your color matching ability in the process of dressing. So it's not a bad idea to try something a little more colorful.

Like this dress, its color fastens joining together more, through bare arm perhaps it is leg ministry skin such means, can undertake the buffer of flowery feeling, won't let it accumulate too sufficient.

2, the basic color does show temperament

Although it is recommended that middle-aged and elderly women try some personalized colors, but if they can not wear them well, the appearance of clothing again novel, also can not interpret too much atmospheric beauty. And although basic color was a few indeed universal, but can bring the female very apparent temperament.

I believe that many people will be quite familiar with the old friend white shirt, which belongs to the single product that can let women deduce the advanced beauty, with off-white trousers, showing the color between the upper and lower is not similar, but also can change the style, to prevent the white shirt to create too stiff or too cold tone.

Want to decorate his form through wearing, be about to pay attention to apply brunet to undertake visual contraction effect. Take send go to use inside black, combine coat of a long money, open it directly, having the beautification effect to bodily form.

This middle-aged model made a good example, from her this group of clothes, we can see that there are only three kinds of color splicing, but can concentrate a full sense of advanced and concise elegant demeanor.

3. White neck is very important

Dressing collocation is a technical work, in addition to pay attention to the balance between colors, but also pay attention to some in the details of the design. For example, whether the position of the neckline is too empty, whether it is too tightly wrapped, these are factors to consider.

For middle-aged and elderly women, it is very important to shape a certain amount of white neck, not only to reduce the restrained temperament, but also to create a quite natural style.

It is generally recommended that middle-aged women's inner take will not have obvious wrapping strength on the skin, and the design of round collar and V collar is the most natural.

Like this stripe inside, it chooses the neckline design is very smooth, very smooth, create the shape is also very eye-catching, with other middle-aged and elderly women do not have a sense of vitality.

Who says older people don't have fashion sense? These 50-year-old Japanese models are proving that age has nothing to do with fashion sense. As long as you can have a determination to pursue beauty, no matter how old you are, you can live into the envy of others.

Compared with the rounded round neck, v-neck designs are more suitable for women with wide faces. They can create a sense of lengthwise stretch and modify curves significantly. Especially when the color of clothing is bleak, this kind of white space, and reduce the effect of dark and heavy temperament.Read more at: light purple formal dresses | dark green formal dress australia

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