Advice for middle-aged and elderly women in their sixties
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Women will show different levels of beauty according to the change of age, the young is charming, full of vitality, to the mid-old age of about 60 years old, they can also calmly and indifferent mild face the test brought by these years.

Women in their sixties tend to be a little more cautious when it comes to dressing. Here are a few mistakes to make that will make you look old and not tasteful.

1. Wear "clear soup and little water"

Dressing is also a knowledge, and will follow the life of women, how to gradually enhance the strength of personal collocation in dressing, is a question we will think about. If your style is too "pure soup and no water", it will look flat and will not reflect any personal style or recognizable look, which will not look good enough.

In fact, the way to break the situation is very simple, direct use of the appearance of the structure of a bright single product, such as this print jacket, its whole color block arrangement is relatively neat, and the collection of colors is not too much, can be used by middle-aged and elderly women.

Too monotonous looks will not be fashionable enough, modelling inside will also lack features, might as well start from some of the design has obvious highlights of the single product, and then consider using some simple single product and it fit, and it balance, will not let such clothing to create too fancy or flowery feeling.

For this blue and white printed top, you can first use a thin waist belt to outline the curve, and in addition, you can also add white pants to balance the picture elements or color of the model.

A lot of single products can find the right opportunity to join the modelling inside, just to see you will not match, will not choose, take a dress for example, summer to use it directly single wear, autumn and winter collocation scheme is not so simple, need other coat with full efforts.

Like this modelling, can use printing skirt to install the construction that gives bright characteristic, and the superposition of printing does not have any to reduce the effect to temperament, reflect the glamour that gives a woman elegant and easy instead.

Printing dress, especially the selection of skirt background color should not be too gorgeous, after all, this type of color will be accompanied by more and more high saturation and more and more difficult to control, in the long run, there are fixed requirements for women's collocation ability.

Change white to be given priority to, black print embellishes skirt outfit, a whole set of modelling still can interpret a simple fundamental key and atmospheric characteristic. Add a long khaki trench coat to your outfit, and you can look stylish, chic and elegant.

2. Dress complex and confusing

It's not their looks that keep many older women from dressing well, it's the fact that they make a mistake in their choice of clothes, taking the first step in the wrong direction and then failing to follow through.

Wearing too complicated or always using some complicated colors of clothing superimposed on the body, in fact, is a kind of temperament loss or weakening, or some simple wear links are the most recognized by the public, but also the most can reflect the generous charm of the model.

For example, the white shirt, its collocation does not need you to spend thoughts or racking their brains to consider, directly use blue jeans to join the inside, fresh and reducing age.

The choice of blue jeans is different from person to person, because everyone's leg type, leg length and personal preference are not consistent, in the clothing selection and collocation of nature is very different.

The 65-year-old actress opted for slimmer pantsuits, but because she is already slim, they made it clear to her advantage. There is no good figure like Sister Qiu. It is possible to use straight pants and wide-leg pants in a different way.

3, the selection of color "overreach"

It is very important for older women not to act according to one's ability, either in choosing the style of clothing or in using color. That is to ignore the conditions of the individual itself and blindly choose, blindly follow the trend, which will only make your modeling lack of beauty, and let the elegant demeanor of the individual can not get a complete release.

If you feel like you can't handle complex colors or recognizable colors, stick with basic colors to create a simple look. Resemble gray and khaki cooperate, won't have depressing feeling, simple nature and easy.

More than 60 years old of middle-aged and old lady, when the dress will surely is limited by some big or small, but as long as the less above the three mistakes on collocation, and through the concrete operation scheme to find some suitable clothing, you can control the color, shape the daily collocation, wearing a power will gradually improve.

Considering the acceptance of some women is not high, they are particularly conservative in the choice of color, the range is very narrow, you can put black and white into the scope of consideration, black shirt with white inside take and trousers, simple and decent.Read more at: evening dresses adelaide | red formal dresses australia

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