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VPN Is The No.1 Choice For Streaming HD Quality TV And Movies
by Knothat
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I want to answer a few questions about VPN and its functionality. Some have complained that your VPN is very slow and are wondering why this is. Most often I meet such questions in the comments to the VPN applications, I want to answer and give brief recommendations to eliminate the problems associated with the application. And some complain that they cannot see British television applications, especially the channel 'All 4', because the device was detected as being outside the UK, even through your VPN.
To answer the first question: Not all VPN providers are able to provide a fast VPN Internet speed because they only have a few VPN servers. And there is only a small number of virtual IP addresses available for share on these servers. As a result, the available VPN Internet speed is usually very slow at between 1 to 3 Mb/s.
To answer the second question: Some of the UK TV channels, notably Demand 5 and Channel 4 have started blocking VPN and Smart DNS IP addresses. So this means that a VPN or Smart DNS provider that can only issue a few virtual IP addresses is easily blocked. One such well-known Smart DNS service that has been blocked by Channel 4 is UnoTelly, and there are several other providers that have been blocked too.
But on a brighter note, it is virtually impossible to block a  top quality VPN service that has 120,000 IP addresses or even CyberGhost VPN which has a large number of virtual IP addresses  too.
What Internet Speeds are required for the different Internet uses
According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), here is a general broadband speed guide
Streaming radio 0.5 Mb/s
Voice calls, e.g. Skype 0.5 Mb/s
Low quality video streaming 0.7 Mb/s
Streaming feature movies in standard quality 1.5 Mb/s
High Definition (HD) quality streaming 5.0 Mb/s
Online gaming in standard quality 1.0 Mb/s
Multiplayer online gaming in HD 4.0 Mb/s
Which is the best VPN service to use?
An impossible question to answer unless you’ve tried them all. But from past experience I have used several VPN providers and from these I can only recommend a few. And these are:
VeePN – This is a very fast VPN and it’s good value too. To use this VPN on Android you need to manually configure the VPN details. And below is a video demonstrating its reliability and fast VPN Internet speed.
This demonstration was done using the Windows VPN software. And of course there is the VPN app available for Android too. Please note that the VPN apps do not have all the extensive options such as the server speed test found the in the full-blown software for Windows or MAC. Therefore, if you’re looking to find the fastest VPN servers then you can do these tests in the main MAC or Windows software and then choose these same servers in the Android or IOS VPN apps.
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