How to write (record) a blog post. by ElizabethFrick03
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How to write (record) a blog post.
by ElizabethFrick03
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How to write (record) a blog post.

Want to know how to write articles that will attract hundreds of visitors to your blog? Is your blog missing something? Maybe you post regularly, but your articles don't get many comments or shares on social media. No one seems to be reading it do they?

What you need is content. Also known as "cornerstone" or "live content," these articles usually get a lot of referrals, shares, and comments. These are the articles you're proud to have written; the ones readers can come back to again and again...the ones that generate hundreds of visitors daily to your blog.

How to write a great article on your blog

These will often be longer than your usual articles. They can be better structured and more carefully edited.

However, you may be thinking ... Where will I find the time to write?

There is a very simple way to continue to have plenty of time and write great articles on your blog:

Reduce the number of articles you are currently writing

You don't have to post every day. In fact, you probably shouldn't. You should only post every day if you have super relevant content for your readers. Otherwise, only do it when you have useful stuff to share.

Think about it! Tell me, have you ever unsubscribed from a blog that has incredibly valuable content ... just because you don't post every day?

I never have. But I've unsubscribed from blogs that continue to post content day after day ... and this, despite the quality of the content on the last one. I couldn't keep track.

If you're writing on a topic that changes quickly, the pace can be harder to keep up. Therefore, you need to refine your goal or pick a specific day of the week to focus on more content with That way you can find more time ... just focus on quality, not quantity. Besides, the most detailed articles are usually very shareable and mostly better referenced. Which means they generate more traffic in the long run.

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