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Online and Land-based Gamblers: A New Clinic Is Open
by NathanLuise
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Does it take you forever to be removed from your seat? Do you spend most of your waking day playing any of your favorite table and card games? Worse, are you spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to online and land-based casinos, obsessed with winning? Then, you may be exhibiting symptoms of gambling addiction, and you definitely have to seek treatment right away.

A new clinic in Soho just opened, and its main goal is to make sure that patients walk away with an incredible sense of financial and personal freedom. The National Problem Gambling Clinic, which just opened in Northwest and Central London, aims to offer therapy to gamblers to get rid of their addiction. Moreover, they extend financial counseling to them, making sure that they will be more responsible and aware of how the money goes in and out of the household and their bank account.

The facility will have its test run for around a year. They will be medical professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists that will be working in here. There will also be debt management or financial counselors to provide the necessary assistance to sufferers. The program will not only be limited to patients. Their families will also have to undergo therapy and be educated on the possible impact of gambling addiction in their lives.

Coping with Gambling Addiction

If you’re suffering from gambling addiction, there are still a number of things that you can do for yourself. This way, you will be able to help yourself in speeding up your healing process.

1. Accept that you have a problem. The first step to complete healing is to acknowledge the fact that you’re really suffering from gambling addiction. If your constant playing is already causing a strain in your finances or in your relationship with loved ones, then it’s time to slowly accept the fact that you may need help anytime soon.

2. Hold out as much as possible. It may not be that easy, but you can train yourself to hold out your gambling schedule for minutes, hours, days, weeks, until you can know how to distance yourself from it and start fixing your life. It may help if you will have other things to do during your downtime such as travel, go out with families, and friends, or play a sport. These things will help keep your mind off the online gambling games.

3. Join groups.There are groups that offer emotional and social support to other chronic gamblers like you. For one, you can visit play classic baccarat ’ Anonymous, an association for gamblers famous for their 12-step rehabilitation program. You can verify if they have a chapter around your area. Having one near you will make it sure that you don’t miss out any of the meetings.

4. Ask support from family and friends. It’s important that you can let your family and friends know of your problem. You don’t need to worry of them pushing you away, since they are actually the very people who can understand what you’re going through. Their emotional support will help you get motivated. A treatment together with them will also assist in ensuring that you will be welcomed and taken care of properly once your therapy is over.

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