How beautiful sweet, cool, short curls look
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Short hair has become more and more popular in recent years because of its ability to modify the shape of the face and head. There is an online saying that describes short hair as "a face cut is like a facelift", which means that as long as it fits your face shape and temperament, it will double your appearance level.

In theory, short hair is suitable for almost any face type and head type of people, but different hair quality conditions, appearance level and temperament, even if the same hairstyle, the effect may be very different. Some people cut short hair relaxed fashion and look young, some people cut short hair but show rustic old - fashioned even pull down the level of appearance and temperament.

So how do you know if short hair is right for you, and how do you choose which looks better, straight or curly? Here are a few short hairstyles of this Japanese little sister to explain the beauty of a different kind for everyone, while explaining how to keep short hair just look good.


The standard for the most beautiful short hair is here

Hairstyle is very good-looking, appearance level temperament accounts for half only, the other half is hairstyle outline shape and face model head blend degree, this just is key. No matter how good your looks are, you'll get dragged down. So, you have to know the standard of perfect short hair to know if you are suitable for short hair.

Do hair style first look is hair quality hair quantity and head type, this is the most basic option. What detail sees is facial features, face, neck to wait, according to these oneself condition, can judge you roughly whether suit bingle, perhaps choose the bingle of what type.

The first is cranial height, which is a hard indicator, because cranial height is the height of the hair, which is better to modify the face shape. But it does not mean that a low cranial top can not keep short hair, you can adjust the level of pomp or perm to increase the height of the method, also can get the perfect hairstyle effect.

For example, the girl's cranial top is very high, from the hairstyle point of view, the top of the head and bangs form the lowest point of this piece of face, and the length of the face close to or the formation of 55 points, such a proportion is the most perfect standard of short hair. As long as it conforms to this point, even if the appearance level is almost, it does not affect the hairstyle effect.

Therefore, the design of short hair must be around the height of the top of the skull to launch a series of hairdressing techniques, the ultimate goal is to let the hair conform to this standard. Only do this short hair, just the most beautiful.


Not enough hair shape for a perm

If you have a high head, you have an advantage. As long as you find a skilled Tony teacher, you can boldly cut your hair. The details need to be designed according to your specific conditions and fashion trends.

If you don't have the height of the top of your head, it's easy to have a short haircut that compresses the shape of your face and makes it look rounder. This kind of circumstance can increase hair root unplumpness through high level hairstyle, but also be limited to coarse hard healthy and hair quantity lady. The best way to have soft and thin hair is to perm it to increase the height of the top of the head and get the perfect short hair.

The key of bingle perm is the top of head, can increase cranial top height, can let hair amount show much again, still can increase the model ability of hairstyle, obtain lasting modelling effect. Hind neck and temple cannot hot roll, cut short cut thin to make tighten up the effect of suiting, such ability highlights the dimensional feeling that gives cranial top curl and clever sex.

Also some people worry that the ironed curly hair will show the old, in fact, there is no need to worry, show always hairstyle style choice problem, as well as the hair color problem. First of all, the style of hair should be in line with the sense of fashion, volume size varies from person to person, but hair color can not be ignored, because hair color can not only improve the brightness of skin color, but also offset the old air feeling of curly hair.

If the top is long enough, bangs will definitely be too long. Go for a center part. If the length is shorter, go for bangs. Hair color can be based on their skin color, combined with the popular trend to choose, or let Tony teacher according to the needs of hair style, help you design a suitable hair color, not only won't be old, but also let your hair style full of fashion sense.

This little sister's short hair is a true reflection of her daily hairstyle. The change of the shade of hair color, the change of curl size, the change of hairstyle style, was changed by her to create a different style sense. Enough to explain, bingle has mutability not only, also have fashionable feeling more, basically be foil and the ability that decorates face model, very powerful indeed.

Girls like short hair, can refer to this little sister's short hair style, may be able to give you some inspiration. In fact, there are many styles of short hair, little sister's style is standard short hair, shorter than this is super short, and the longest type of short hair is the Bob.Read more at:short formal dresses online | formal wear brisbane

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