Which is more bad for hair, perm or dye
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Today's hairdressing topic, to share with you one of the most easily overlooked, but have to say the topic, that is perm or hair color which is more harmful to the hair quality.

The reason I'm talking about this is because a fan wrote me that her hair was often dyed and a little dry, so she went for a perm on a whim, and it got burned. The barber said it was because he often dyed his hair, and had nothing to do with perm.

I think this problem a lot of friends are met, the barber is certainly in the blame, because I am a little experience of the barber before perming, will ask and understanding of the history of customer dyed hair perm, hair will be, make sure you can handle is very hot, can appear otherwise a lot of unexpected results, such as hair scalding hot, hot coke, etc.

As for perm and dye hair which more injury hair, the following with my decades of experience in hairdressing work, through three hot dyed knowledge points, to give you an in-depth interpretation, read you will have the answer.


Perm and dye can damage the quality of hair

No matter perm or dye hair, it is a very complex chemical process, need to open hair scales, change the internal structure of the hair or pigment, this process has certain destructive to the hair quality, can take away a part of the protein, bring about the hair hot dyed after the occurrence of dry, gloss reduced phenomenon.

The main component of the first agent of perm water is ammonia, the purpose of using ammonia water is to open hair scales, conducive to the penetration and absorption of the main agent sulfur generation, to cut off the role of disulfide bonds in the hair. Once use excessive can bring about hair interior to form cavity, nutrient does not stay, moisture evaporates fast, still can cause hair elasticity to abate, wool scale falls off or close the phenomenon such as not completely. The second agent of perm water is an oxidant, the main component is hydrogen peroxide or sodium bromate, excessive use will also lead to dry hair, hair color becomes shallow, brittle and easy to break phenomenon.

The main component of hair dye is ammonia, which mainly plays a role in opening hair scales in the process of hair dyeing. However, ammonia is very alkaline, and excessive use will lead to hair structure relaxation, hair scales falling off, nutrient loss, and hair becoming dry and brittle. Hair dye matching double oxygen milk, the main component is hydrogen peroxide, the effect of different strength, oxidation of hair is different, excessive use will lead to hair expansion, water shortage, easy to break.

As you can see, perms and coloring can both damage your hair, but I mean it's when you overuse it that it can seriously damage your hair. Under normal standard operation, the damage will be much less.


The frequency of perm is low and the degree of damage is controllable

Perm hair frequency is relatively low, under normal circumstances perm once or twice a year, basically the impact on hair quality is not very big. Short hair is permed about three or four times, but with more frequent haircuts, damaged hair is cut off, so the damage is manageable.

The type of perm is more, a lot of hairstyle that is popular now needs to perm hair tip only, do not have too big effect to whole hair qualitative. With the constant improvement of perm technology and products, as long as the operation is proper and the control of the potion is accurate, there is almost no big difference between the quality of hair after perm and before perm.

But a full wave of curly hair can do more damage than just the ends of the hair. But it is also controllable, because the impact of perm on the hair quality, mainly softening and temperature, as long as the softening control is just right, according to the hair quality control temperature, the impact on the hair quality can be almost ignored. If the hair itself is relatively dry, such as sofa or self-curling hair, perm will be dry, but only need to do a good job of daily care and maintenance, there will not be too big a problem.

Only bad hairdressers, rule-breakers or overuse can lead to serious hair damage. Once the hair is damaged, it cannot be restored, so when perm, we must find a skilled barber, greatly reduce the damage of perm to the hair quality.


Hair dyeing frequency is higher, the degree of damage is much larger than perm

Perms can be done only at the ends, but hair dye must be done from the roots to the ends, and the process itself is much more damaging than perms. In addition, the frequency of hair dyeing is higher, because after hair dyeing, the hair will grow black new hair, and the color dyed before will fade, so it will form two or more sections of color difference, only through hair dyeing to unify the hair color, so the frequency of hair dyeing is much higher than perm.

Under normal circumstances, in order to maintain the consistency of hair color, also need to dye at least three or four times a year, and each time to the whole head, so coloring hair is much more damage than perm. Perm even if hair root grows new unripe hair, not very hot also won't have too big effect, can tie up or dish up, but dye hair is different, two sections of color is clear at a glance, cannot hide.

Dyeing normal color is better, if you choose a lighter tide color, the damage will be greater. Because wet hair requires the bleaching of the natural pigments in the hair in order to achieve the desired color, bleaching can be very damaging to the hair.

After catching tide color, still can face the problem that fade seriously, because color is shallower, hair quality is poorer, pigment molecular structure is smaller, stability is poorer, fade faster also. Add the black that sends a root to appear new unripe hair, form obvious color difference with light color hair, affect aesthetic feeling very much. Right now can pass to continue to drift hair and complement color to achieve the unity of hair color, hurt hair is unavoidable.

The white hair crowd is the same, more than ten days do not dye hair root will continue to emerge white hair, do not dye it affect beauty, dye it laborious also hurt hair, so the frequency of hair dye is much higher than perm, the degree of damage is much larger than perm.

After reading the above introduction of the three perm hair dye hair knowledge points, I think we must have the answer in the heart! Want to reduce the frequency that dye hair, had better choose darker hair color, color is darker when dye hair qualitative damage is smaller, even if hair root grows black new unripe hair, also won't form bigger color difference with the hair color that catch below, so even if do not dye hair also won't have too big effect.Read more at:green formal dresses | grey formal dresses

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