Be a woman who knows how to dress, even if you're in your 50s or 60s
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The best state for a woman is to cultivate both inside and out, to keep her heart calm, her eyes bright and full of wisdom. The appearance of the modification should not fall, can be through some wear to as far as possible to reflect the charm of more foot.

Here are women in their 50s and 60s who don't have the most impressive looks or impressive features, but do radiate the most appropriate aura. Follow the way they dress, and you'll find that the pieces they use don't have to be flashy, but they do.


Coat selection

The steps of dressing in winter will be more trival, especially the selection of coat, must not be ignored, after all, this kind of clothing on the one hand to bring the effect of temperament, on the other hand, also cannot ignore the formation of warm meaning. In addition to these two points, but also as far as possible to create a pair of body modification.

Coat selection can generally be handed to a variety of colors to complete the coat, if you think that black and white has long been the two colors people often use, ordinary and simple, can not cater to your gradually become fashionable taste, you can use this plaid coat. The design of this grid is delicate and neat, and the combination of colors will not be messy.

Women of more than 50 or 60 years old, in addition to the use of a variety of pure color coat, the grid pattern, can also be properly in the wardrobe to fill in different scenery, and express a variety of characteristics and style, increase the embodiment of modeling identification.

The plaid coat chosen by this woman mainly uses a patchwork of several basic colors, and can be found that this color has a full complement of women's skin tone. And the sheet that combines inside is tasted, it is ok to break through the limitation of all sorts of color respect more and imprison, bold use oneself very fond big red, it is a few bright colour as red even.

Nevertheless, also have a few people feel case grain coat is more difficult to grasp on collocation, so the long coat of a few pure color can get their favour, can use the colour that a few oneself can control to model a concise and easy dress article and very advanced dress style.

This long coat in camel color, which has this healing color support, makes the whole coat look more approachable. The lady in the inside is a dress, if the winter use, remember to use a thicker design in the material, all kinds of wool dresses worth trying.


Inside take

After the coat was solved, be about to properly apply all sorts of inside build to become modelling further complete, become harmonious, and those who build inside choose, let a lot of women do not know how to start more. The particularity of winter season, need a woman is modelling the form that administrative levels feels when wearing build, can apply the cooperation between shirt and knit uncut upper garment, will model a very concise dress, and the change of this kind of colour respect can let a woman oneself open use brains, create the style that gives him to like.

This woman, for example, uses a combination of earth-colored pieces to create a stylish look that is both calm and simple.

Women over 60 who don't have personal ideas about what to wear, or who don't like too distinctive a look, can use a simple white shirt and a colorful knit.

This lady uses a very simple black and white, black knit waistcoat and white shirt, which is the most elegant style, and can be used to match all kinds of coats at any time.


The adoption of trouser suits

It's easy for women in their fifties and sixties to fail to make a breakthrough in their style, leaving them looking flat and even similar every day. If you don't know how to choose pants, you can first escape the small black pants, after all, these pants are slightly more common, can be changed to white pants, look very simple and fresh.

This woman, in her sixties, is wearing a nine-part pair of trousers, which, regardless of leg shape, creates an inclusive effect and gives the legs a straight shape.

The choice of trousers is random, can be flexible change, do not hang on a tree, is to use the same color, the same style of trousers.

The color can be appropriately changed. For example, the gray sweatpants will be more relaxed and moderate in style display. This kind of pants also have obvious sagging feeling, and the pants are not tight, so they are comfortable to wear and look very thin.

Women in their fifties and sixties, when dressing, can look at her collocation demonstration, to find some of their own can also control the way to wear, or to find some of their own can control the single product. From the use of pants, black pants are not the only choice, can be changed to other colors of pants.

Like this blue denim pant, it has bell-bottom elements for a more stylish look. Clean blue, rich in rich fresh beauty, with a variety of dull colors.Read more at:long evening dress | formal dresses

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