Appearance level again high also can't carry the top of the head "lie prone", show the face is big and have no temperament, do hairstyle fluffy is the key
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No matter how good your appearance, the wrong hairstyle is a waste! Appearance level again high, also can't carry the head to lie! When doing hair style, the unkempt degree of the top of the head just is the key that designs hair style, break away from this principle, again good appearance level, only the hair of the top of the head lies prone on scalp, show face not only big, still can affect your temperament.

Hair is so important to women that a hairstyle that suits their face shape is like a face-lift. But for Asians, most of the face is round, facial features lack of three-dimensional, cranial flat, do hair if the hair stuck to the scalp, no matter how good the appearance level will make you temperament.

If you've had a haircut and your face looks rounder, except for the bangs, there's definitely a lack of volume at the top. Lack of height at the top of the head creates a sense of compression and roundness. If you're feeling a little old after a new perm, in addition to the curl size, it's probably because the top of your head is too flat.

No matter do what hairstyle, want the head to send root fleeciness to rise only, facial features ability more stereo, face model also looks better. For people with a high skull on the top of the head, thick hair or a lot of hair, there is no need to think too much about this, because the roots of any hair style will be fluffy and difficult to stick to the scalp.

Women with a flat top, soft hair and thin hair are not so lucky. If you ignore the height of the top of your head, you will end up with a rounder face and thinner hair. So, what hairstyle does hair root ability fleeciness rise? Here are three ways to increase the height of your head and lift your appearance up a few notches.

Korean-style traceless Morgan perm

Korean non-trace Morgan hot is specifically aimed at the root of the fluffy perm way, the use of special tools, only in the root of a C hot volume, the height of the top of the head increased a few centimeters. Not only will it stretch your face, but it will also match your hairstyle to your face.

Morgan perm is also very popular now a perm root method, after the root almost no trace, can only feel the hair root fluffy up. No matter what style you wear, as long as the roots are high, the face will look better and the hair will look better.

Morgan perm for curly, straight, long and short hair. The Bob, for example, is most suitable for Morgan ironing. Easily solve the problem of hair sticking to the scalp.

Morgan wave big wave

To the person that likes big wavy long hair, want to iron already the wavy grain that gives tenderness and romance, want to let hair root get natural fleeciness feeling again, use Morgan to iron only with big wave hot hair combination together, ability obtains hair root fleeciness big wave hairstyle.

The traditional method of ironing big waves, the root of the hair is very difficult to iron up, because the hot wave of the big volume can not roll to the root of the hair, only a small bar to roll to the root of the hair, in order to iron the root of the hair. But the hair from the small barre is too old and not fashionable, so only Morgan perm can solve this problem.

In addition to big waves, other types of curls can also be combined with a Morgan perm. For instance medium long curl, wooden horse is ironed, air cushion is ironed, clavicle is ironed and so on hair style, suit to use Morgan ironing method, will promote the pompous degree of hair root.

The roots are fluffy and hot

With short hair, it's easier to get that puffiness. For example, coarse and hard hair quantity slant more people, even if the height of the head is insufficient, as long as the hair is cut short, the supporting force of the hair root can automatically produce a degree of loosenness, let the hair style produce height. But to fine soft or the person with less hair amount, can have the help of the method of perm only, increase the height of the top of the head.

Go for smaller curls. As long as you control the shape and color of your hair, you can not only add height to the top of your head, but also make your hair look more stylish and youthful. Hair amount slants much, choose texture to iron can let hair root fleeciness rise.

The bingle with some fashionable feeling strong, need to iron hair root fleeciness only, hair tip iron a radian, also very fashionable. Whether it's a big curl or a small curl, the design is to make sure the roots are ironed.

Do what hairstyle, hair root is king!

It doesn't matter how beautiful your hair color is or how bouncy your perm is, if you don't have a loose root, your hair won't look great. That's why hair designers in Japan and South Korea pay special attention to the roots, because No matter what style asians wear, they only look good when the roots are loose.

Some people do not pay attention to this detail, the hairstyle that makes always almost feels, the problem goes up in hair root. Often hear people joke that the hair is cut very well, very good perm, color is also good, but the feeling is not right, it is likely to be related to the lack of hair root.

This is the problem that had said before me, appearance level is again tall also do not set hair root "lie prone", hair root pours temperament completely without. Morgan perm will solve almost all of your root problems, but the band also has the disadvantage of poor durability. Because Morgan perm only perm the root, as long as the hair is long, permed C volume will leave the scalp with the hair, the unkempt will disappear.

Some smart girls have learned to use hair clip, hair bar, electric coil rod to make fluffy hair root modeling, some people will use a hair dryer with a roller comb to blow hair root. If you don't know how to shape and lazy, it is recommended to perm Morgan once a month, afraid of spending money and want to be beautiful, it is best to learn their own hair root modeling skills.Read more at: formal dresses sydney | formal dresses melbourne

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