Morton’s Neuroma Surgery
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While Morton’s neuroma may not be life-threatening, the accompanying pain can seriously affect your lifestyle. The tough, thick skin near the base of your toes makes walking, running and even wearing shoes eventually unbearable. But you don’t need to suffer. Dr. Velimir Petkov has experience dealing with neuromas and offers a slew of treatment options, including Morton’s neuroma surgery, if necessary. Call Clifton, New Jersey Premier Podiatry today for an evaluation.

A neuroma is caused by a pinched nerve in your foot. Morton’s neuroma appears near your third and fourth toes. Usually, it’s a benign growth that’s characterized by thick, hard tissue surrounding your toes, putting pressure on the nerve there. It’s a painful, but treatable condition.

Pain in the ball of your foot that feels like you’re standing on a small marble or pebble may signal that you’ve developed Morton’s neuroma. When you have this condition, you may have a burning sensation in the ball of your foot and numbness or pain in your toes. Inside your foot, there’s often swelling or inflammation around the nerve at the base of the toe, and you feel pain commonly between your third and fourth toe.

Pain from this condition can be intense. Morton’s neuroma surgery may be necessary to treat this condition if more conservative treatment options fail. Symptoms of Morton’s neuroma usually appear unexpectedly, and they may get worse with time. When you feel persistent pain in the ball of the foot that goes on for more than a few days, have it evaluated by Dr. Velimir Petkov at Premier Podiatry. He’s an NJ foot doctor who has extensive experience treating foot neuromas.

Pain from neuroma can seriously affect your lifestyle. Please, read more info about treatment of this disease:

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