College is Most Rewarding When There’s a Reward!
by MarcyUnderson
 Education in the Eyes of the College Students
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Thinking of what to receive after college is the mind set of some students entering college.  That seems to be more appropriate for those who are from affluent family.  But not to those who are from a low-bred clan.  They can be satisfied by finishing the course and by simply celebrating it with the family.  

I just came to a point of considering something.  I do not belong to a well-off family but I can eat three times a day, basic necessities are provided by my parents like foods, clothing and haven.  Enough allowance is given to me that I can have myself being pampered by going to salon.  Every time I passed on my exams, quizzes or exercises on custom essay writing services, my parents reward me of something I really wanted, small tokens or bring me to a snack bar or to my favorite fast food chain.

Upon completing my high school education as well as my essays, my father promised me of giving me a car after finishing college.  Those words made me feel overjoyed and thrilled in facing college life.  That was basically the most memorable feeling I had way back then.  It kept me focused and motivated.  I got the urge of pushing it harder in terms of doing reports, projects and making all exams and quizzed extremely remarkable.  

Reminiscing those days make me feel so fulfilled.  I did it!  I finished college maintaining good grades and always on dean’s list.  I owe it all to my father who did the best in motivating and supporting me.
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