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Home treatment of lower back pain: what works and what doesn’t?
by bennysmith
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Lower back pain, no matter it’s the result of sports, accident or aging is unpleasant feeling which can cause us so much discomfort that it limits our daily activities, even such simple ones as getting out of bed or walk somewhere. That’s why it’s the best to find out the exact reasons of your back pain as soon as possible, in order to find the best back pain treatment options and learn about medical centers and doctors that specialize in back pain in your area.

Luckily back pain has the tendency to gradually heal or go away by itself but in the first painful period you may even need professional painkillers to get through the days. Your doctor can help decide on the best medication for you. We strongly advise everyone not to self-medicate especially when it comes to pain killers. Don’t forget, they won’t cure you and won’t erase the cause of the pain either.

Common symptoms of lower back pain:

Lower back pain would limit from certain movements, especially bending or do excessive movement. Some sorts of conditions would be quite painful especially in the beginning. If you feel electric pain in your lower back- upper thigh region than you are likely have herniated disk. If the pain builds up gradually, then the condition might be due to aging or sports.


Lower back pain therapy at home

Lower back pain can be treated at home up to a certain degree. First of all however, you need medical assistance and a screening to find out what exactly causes your issue because a great deal of your treatment depends on the exact reasons. Let’s see what works and what doesn’t work as home therapy.


What doesn’t work?

· Lying in bed or being immobile for long periods of time: staying immobile wouldn’t cure your back, in fact it would only make it feel worse. The reason is simple: our body is for using, especially for moving. Acting like a plant would not cure the spine it would only make it stiffen up and hurt even more when it comes to actual movements.

· Excessive use of painkillers: don’t forget, painkillers may numb you but would not bring resolution to the problem. Due to their highly addictive nature most doctors only prescribe painkillers when they are really necessary. Do not take heaps of non-prescribed painkillers.


What works?

· Keep on moving, either if it’s slower or more careful. Stretching exercises like hanging can do wonders with your back. Try to stick with sports which are good for the spine but not too overwhelming such as swimming, visiting sauna or do yoga or tai chi.


What is essential is to always be aware of your other conditions, before starting any sort of self treatment or home treatment (for instance sauna is great for stretching and blood circulation but it’s definitely not recommended for people who have blood circulation issues) and to always consult with a lower back pain specialist to see what treatment options fit you.


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Back problem management tips
by bennysmith
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Low back pain can hinder your activities and you may not be able to do anything for days. Before you decide to visit a lower back pain specialist, you have to try and manage the pain at home.  If you are looking for a way on low back pain management, then you have come to the right place. Here are just some of the back problem management tips that you can follow.

Keep exercising

Being active is one of the approaches that you can use to reduce the back pain. You can do simple exercises such as walking. Exercising will get you out of the sitting posture and your body will be in upright position. However, you have to do it in moderation. Do not do any strenuous exercise the will make the problem worse off that it was initially. You should also avoid the motion that led to the back pain in the first place.

Good posture

It is important that you maintain good posture. Most people do not have the proper posture when doing the daily activities. As a result, you put your back under unnecessary strain. If you use the poor posture for many years, then with time it can amount to a lot of pressure on your back. You put a lot of pressure on your back just by brushing your teeth. Always make sure that you use the proper posture when doing your day to day activities.You should avoid slumping since it such a posture does not support your weight. You should also be careful about your posture when you are lifting objects that are heavy. It will help you avoid middle back pain treatment.

Improve flexibility

Back pain can be caused by too much tension. You should increase the flexibility and ensure that you have equal load throughout your body.  An exercise that you can do is to sit on the edge of your bed and extend one leg while leaving the other one touching the floor.  You can also lean forward to stretch your hamstrings.  While doing this, you have to make sure that your back is in a neutral position.

Use ice and heat

You can use cold packs to help ease the pain.  You should use the ice for the first 48 hours of getting the injury.  After using the cold pack, you should follow it with a heat pack.  You just have to make sure that you protect your skin.

Quit smoking

Smoking does a lot of harm to your body including your back.  Smoking increases you risk of getting back pain. Therefore, if you want to reduce your low back pain, then you should quit smoking. Your lower back doctor will advise you to stop smoking to get relief from the back pain.

You can follow the back nerve pain treatment and get relief from the pain. Most of them are simple and you can do them without following the putting in a lot of effort. You just have to be determined and you will see the result in the long run.

For more information: The Back Doctor

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